The Story of Juicy®

Boldly going where no juice has gone before


Bold, bright, and beautiful cold pressed juices made in Singapore and straight to you, from the folks that brought you Boxgreen. Cold pressed and cold pasteurized is the name of the game. Our juices retain their sweet nutrients and vitamins for longer, meaning you’ve always got your juice game on like Shakira, as in, whenever, wherever. I mean, what kind of monsters would we be if we made you chug through old juices just because they were expiring? It’s COLD pressed, not OLD pressed, duh!


Cold pasteurization - freezing germs to death?

We all hate pressure, but we know it can help eliminate the bad bits. It’s the same with pasteurization - a process where we put our bottled juices into a machine filled with water and subject them to the highest of pressures (even worse than your boss on Monday mornings). This eliminates harmful bacteria without heat, which retains all the good stuff in the juices and significantly extends the shelf life. Well, what can we say? We love juice that lasts for a long time.


The beautiful, the ugly, we take them all

We believe even fruits and vegetables deserve their own ugly duckling story. They may not be pretty enough to make it into a supermarket aisle, but they sure as fruit go into our bottles and into your hands juicy, tasty, and of course, bold. These beautiful (on the inside) fruit and vegetables aren’t grown in Singapore, but we bring in our fresh produce from the region on an near-daily basis.


Made in the Most Secure Place in Singapore

Our juicy secret is that we juice inside one of the most secure places in Singapore, where we provide opportunities to people in vulnerable situations through training and employment opportunities.