Your Daily Vitamin C's & Immunity Cleanse

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Bundle of six refreshing cold-pressed juices for your daily source of Vitamin C! 

This bundle contains:

2 x 300ml The OG Orange
2 x 300ml Perky Gingy
2 x 300ml Hakuna Manuka 


The OG Orange
Superpowers: Vitamin C Immune Booster
Ingredients: Orange

Contains about
4 oranges


Perky Gingy 
Superpowers: Vitamin C, Heart Healthy Immune Booster
Ingredients: Fresh Orange juice, Carrot juice, Ginger juice, Turmeric powder

Contains about
3 oranges
3 carrots
1 knob of ginger
Sprinkle of turmeric powder


Hakuna Manuka 

Superpowers: Vitamin C-Rich, Antioxidant Kick 

Ingredients: Manuka Honey, Apple, Pineapple, Lemon

Contains about
½ teaspoon Manuka Honey
½ an apple
¼ cup pineapple juice
Splash of fresh lemon juice


How do I drink these Cold Pressed Juices?

As the ingredients of these juices are rich in Vitamin C and immune-boosting ingredients, we recommend the following when doing your juice cleanse:


(1) Our juices should not be considered as meal replacements as it does not contain all the nutrients needed for a balanced diet. Your diet will still need protein and healthy fats. We suggest having at least 3 bottles of juice a day along with small light meals rich in protein and healthy fats such as pan-fried salmon or steamed fish. 

(2) Your juice experience should be an enjoyable one! - listen to what your body needs. Design your own juicing journey, but here's an example of how you can consume the juices. You may drink 1-2 bottles of each flavor in a day, based on what your body craves: 

  • Begin your day with a bottle of Immune Boosting Vitamin C-rich OG Orange along with your multi-grain breakfast. 
  • After lunch when you're back to work, drink a bottle of Perky Gingy. Made from real turmeric and ginger, it helps with brain productivity and indigestion.
  • Grab a bottle of Hakuna Manuka during dinner along with your food rich in iron such as red bean soup/red meats to help promote absorption of iron.
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