Antioxidant Supergreen Detox Bundle

Bundle of six refreshing cold pressed juices for your daily source of all the veggies you need! These drinks will help improve your immune system and flush out any toxins. Your body and your mind will thank you for this!

This bundle contains:

2 x 300ml Greener Pastures
2 x 300ml Perky Gingy
2 x 300ml Feel the Beet 

Greener Pastures -
Superpowers: Vitamins A, K, C, and other Vitamins & Minerals for hydration, healthy skin & bones

Ingredients: Fresh apple juice, Cucumber juice, Celery juice

Contains about:
2.5 apples
⅓ of a cucumber
1 stalk of celery

Perky Gingy - 
Superpowers: Vitamin C, Heart Healthy Immune Booster

Ingredients: Fresh Orange juice, Carrot juice, Ginger juice, Turmeric powder

Contains about
3 oranges
3 carrots
1 knob of ginger
Sprinkle of turmeric powder

Feel the Beet
Superpowers: Vitamin A, Potassium & other tasty Minerals for heart health, skin health and immunity 

Ingredients: Fresh 
Apple juice, Beetroot juice, Carrot juice, Honey

Contains about
⅓ of an apple
1 small beetroot
1.5 carrots
2 teaspoon honey

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