The Difference Between Regular Fruit Juices and Cold-Pressed Juices

Imagine this: You just finished a huge meal at your favorite restaurant. It was really, really darn good and you have no regrets. But you do feel like you might want something to wash it all down, to detox your palate.


Perhaps a bottle of fruit juice? But which should you pick? With a plethora of juice options available in grocery stores, we’re here to break down the difference between regular commercial fruit juices and cold-pressed juices, and (spoiler alert), why we think the latter is better.


1. Regular Fruit Juices


Regular juices which you find in grocery stores typically begin fruits and veggies going into an ultra-speed commercial centrifugal unit that generates a lot of heat and oxidation. They are heat pasteurized, to prevent the growth of bacteria and harmful microorganisms and extend shelf-life. Unfortunately, this also leads to the loss of valuable phytonutrients and fruit and vegetable enzymes. These are later artificially added into the juice in the form of synthetic vitamins and minerals which you might typically see if you flip the label and look for ‘Vitamin A or C’ in the ingredient list.

But that’s not all. Once this pasteurization process is complete, 80% of the water content is gone and it is reduced to a ‘concentrate’ to make transportation easier. This concentrate loses a lot of the natural juicy flavors that were once available. This is transported to different manufacturers who then add additional ingredients to reconstitute it such as water, colourings, sweeteners, and preservatives to make up for the loss of the original natural fruity goodness.

This process has a lot of cost savings to companies who mass manufacture regular juices as their items have a longer shelf life but leads to an artificial tasting juice with lower nutrient content. 

This is why you must always flip the ingredients list to take a peek at what is going into your body. One look and you will see the juice concentrates, the colourings, high fructose corn syrup, and/or artificial flavorings and sweeteners.

 2. Cold Pressed Juices


Cold Pressed Juices uses a cold-pressed juicer with a hydraulic press to press the fruits and veggies and extract as much juice as possible. This uses a slow pulverizer that doesn’t generate any heat. As a result, more nutrients and active compounds are retained in the juice. The issue with cold-pressed juicing is that the shelf life of these juices is only one week. One option would be to use heat pasteurization to extend the shelf life. However, this isn’t a viable option for us because the last thing we’d want is for you to have your juices without all the precious nutrients. Especially after all that love and effort we put into making the juice - no thank you! 

To extend the shelf life of the juices so that you can enjoy them for longer without compromising on quality, our cold-pressed juices go through high-pressure processing (HPP). This means that our bottles of cold-pressed juices enter a chamber filled with water at room temperature and generate a pressure of up to 85,000 psi. By doing this, the shelf life extends by 45 days, and also all the harmful bacteria in the cold-pressed juice is deactivated. HPP also retains the texture, taste, and nutritional value of the juice.

This process may be expensive, but at least you can trust the potency of nutrients you will be receiving in your drinks. This process doesn’t require us to use any additives or preservatives to extend the shelf life, nor do we need to add any artificial vitamins or minerals since they are all naturally retained.

Our cold-pressed juices are locally manufactured in Singapore, so we also do not have to worry about bringing our juices down to a concentrate for ease of transportation. We’re all about that fuss-free juicing experience that everyone deserves!


So what should you pick?

We personally prefer and trust our cold-pressed juices. Whilst the price tag might be slightly higher than commercial juices, we know that our juices are more nutritiously potent, which is ideal if you are trying to do a juice cleanse, detoxifying your body, or simply looking to try our JUICY cold-pressed juice blends. 

Here's a summary of everything, for your quick reference!

Regular Juices vs. Cold-Pressed Juices


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